About Contained Ideas

posts dedicated to sharing with you the world of Small Spaces.

Simply way to Share with us:  About Us

presentations of small space design expression in interior design and home decor.  featuring innovative creative furnishings for the small space dwelling occupant or lover.   sharing tiny homes, tiny houses,  shipping container homes, other architecture; all types of alternative housing methods and designs.   Always sharing our Sources with all our readers.

we’re free thinkers and encourage sharing, like, comment, and subscriptions to all our Posts.  Or, request to feature Your work on Contact Us Page(under re-construction)–coming soon!

expressing our love for the small items, inspiring big ideas!

by Subscribing to our site Posts, you can look forward to:

–interviews with Architects, upcoming and before
–latest press releases from Architecture News
–new Design presentations at times before Public Announcement from our personal sources
–Architectural Photography and it’s Professional Photographers
–Design World News Announcements and Events
–Design Competitions including their Competitor Entries

If it’s not a self-expressed post, it will contain our source of inspiration
We encourage YOU to Be Their Inspiration–as you are ours.

Contained Ideas
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