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Out Into the Blue

A futuristic design exploration into the aesthetics and complexity of fractal figures; also known as Subblue.  The designer Tom Beddard, is an English artist with rendering achievement, in 3D. The result is “Fabergé Fractals”. The images are presented here in highly-skilled detail; and you will also find a video from the source.




Image source and further information found here

Information on more of Tom Beddard and his other projects found on this link. *All image credit is property of the artist, as is the video presented below. Enjoy a look into the creation world of 3D imagery here.

Here, at Contained Ideas, we have been moving and shifting around our design interest levels; and the main focus of this website. We will be undergoing much exciting change in the up coming months. Presenting to you, more of the newly discovered, un-discovered, unique and distant designers, from around the globe.

The doors of design exploration are open here and now…If you or anyone you know, would like an opportunity to share projects of their own to be shared here; send us an email at OR through one of our many local social outlets listed here!

All follows and shares are appreciated. Look forward to your comments and seeing you back here again 😉



pantone decor pieces

In nectarine, pinks, and seasonal trends here ‘pantone nectarine‘ color pallette expresses a spring fling of shades for your visual enjoyment. Paired well with subtle greys or hues of blue, see the link for further info and inspiration!

Contained Ideas

via pantone decor pieces.

Modular Units

Http:// presents the “COODO” —an energy efficient transportable home module. Mini sized for mini enviro-effects and environmental disruption.

See more on link below:
COODO Transportable Energy Efficient Modular Units.




all information and photo credit given to source link*

‘Contained Ideas’

Coltrane’s Newest

Jazzy and unique C Table Lamp as featured here on delightfull.

A featured creation by John Coltrane with options of 1, 2, or 3 iron tubes on this unique lamp. In finishes of black matte and gold powdered paint for its stem, with an inner gold-plated seal.



Versions from ceiling suspended to floor standing, the table lamp is the newest of its collection. A contemporary expression through this golden light, sets an intimate ambiance for residential, lounge, or café spaces.

lighting designs

Camp Daybed Style

This post is under our ‘Wordless Weekend’ category because, its May 2-4 Long Weekend here in Ontario, Canada.

Camp Daybed‘ by designer ‘Stephanie Hornig’




An inspirational design piece for your long weekend laze.


‘Sunk-in Treasure’


Just another sweet small space design that I cannot stop obsessing about. I have to share this tiny treasure from Paris with you all!

Home to Paris this 130 sq ft micro apartment has taken added a whole new level in small space dwellings!
I have dubbed this build: “Sunk-in Treasure”:
Adding height and depth to this home is its unique characteristic of a sunk-in living space!

DISTINCT QUALITY: Notice the main room being a few steps down instead of the norm being up in loft idea, which produces an added measurable depth and illusion of more space to the entire interior.
A distinct bed position to note–with ‘hidden in plain site’ storage compartments throughout the micro-home.

(Personally, one of the most perfectly laid floor plans I have seen in 3 years of tiny house research)

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