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Modular Units

Http://MinimalHome.com presents the “COODO” —an energy efficient transportable home module. Mini sized for mini enviro-effects and environmental disruption.

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COODO Transportable Energy Efficient Modular Units.




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‘Contained Ideas’


Architecture by Chilean studio DOM

Architect Rodrigo del Castillo of Chilean studio DOM design in Chile.
Featured on the Small House Bliss blog, right here on WordPress, a must follow.

contained ideas

Small House Bliss

Casa en los Guindos, a small modern house in Chile. It has two bedrooms and a study in 1,399 sq ft. | www.facebook.com/SmallHouseBliss

This small modern house is located near Villarrica, Chile and has a view over a valley to the Villarrica Volcano. For a relatively small house, it has a fairly complex and dynamic shape. The house consists of two opposing shed-roofed volumes separated by a small courtyard. Architect Rodrigo del Castillo of Chilean studio DOM designed the two volumes to correspond to the client’s request for a house with a separate flexible-use space.

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