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A quick addition for sleek, modern, home furnishings from ‘Revolve Furnishings’.

These multi-functional furniture pieces are useful for hiding the everyday items used, inside of your necessity furniture. Leaving more to covet for visitors, with an added organizational storage fixture for you. A modern touch to any sized space.


Ideal for small spaces, this modern white offer table is available for purchase “here.” Containing large storage drawers, I can think of a list of items to hide (from the kids) in this!

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Architecture by Chilean studio DOM

Architect Rodrigo del Castillo of Chilean studio DOM design in Chile.
Featured on the Small House Bliss blog, right here on WordPress, a must follow.

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Small House Bliss

Casa en los Guindos, a small modern house in Chile. It has two bedrooms and a study in 1,399 sq ft. | www.facebook.com/SmallHouseBliss

This small modern house is located near Villarrica, Chile and has a view over a valley to the Villarrica Volcano. For a relatively small house, it has a fairly complex and dynamic shape. The house consists of two opposing shed-roofed volumes separated by a small courtyard. Architect Rodrigo del Castillo of Chilean studio DOM designed the two volumes to correspond to the client’s request for a house with a separate flexible-use space.

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Wordless Weekends

Birth of a lighting structure created by Daniel Libeskind. His ‘paragon’ table lamp added to the best of lighting design collection, presented by Artemide. This is our Weekend Inspiration piece.

daniel libeskind on his ‘paragon’ table lamp for artimede from designboom on Vimeo.

Daniel Libeskind talks to designboom about the concept behind his 'paragon' table lamp for Artemide on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2013.

see designboom's original article

More from the professionals on lighting from Artemide here.
Photos and further design information available through source link.



It can seem hopeless outside of flush ceiling lights, theres not much to chose from for appropriate sources of light, for the small space dwelling. We dedicate a portion of our time, searching to find those pieces to share with you. Look through our Board where we’re always collecting valuable lighting designs here, on Pinterest, for some of the best and the ‘obsessed’.

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PinPress Toy Shelf

Time for the ten second tidy? Give the children a fun way to clean their room.

Designed by Pin-Pres the sort of peg wall handcrafted for toy storage fun. Keeps the mess off the floor and, well, on the wall. Handmade creation available in a variety of material options and colors for your personal decor. Adding playful fun to de-cluttering for the children and a definite statement piece to any space. The colorful or raw materials used in its design adapt to its room setting with style.

Use for storing books, DVDs, and other toys.

For purchase here
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Watch for more updated modular functioning furniture on our Pinterest Board

Happy Monday: Freedom Room!

…perfect fit functionality of a small space design layout!
interesting architecture can be inspired from just about any
walk of life…J9;)

The Elemental Life

The Freedom Room was designed by Cibicworkshop and Comodo, who teamed up with a group of prison inmates to design a small + low-cost living space.  The collaboration uses objects that have to be necessarily multifunctional in a room that can be continuously reinvented by those who live in it.  A stool becomes an oven, a bed becomes a closet, a table becomes a gym.  The design offers new ideas for low-cost and temporary housing and hotel spaces…and we love it!






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Cinema Seating


More than just a contemporary chair.
A convertible cinema style upright seating with functionality for today’s decor styles.
Another innovative creative design for small space dwellings and beyond.
Available in their on line stores.
At “Cineak”

Wordless Weekends–Lighting

Special lighting selection from our Wordless Weekends where we share finds from
decor over the weekend.  Around here, finding time for research during weekends isn’t simple.

We will always keep you inspired!

Take a look through the further links for more:

This is a special lighting selection from an exclusive source Design Catalogue.

Source: dcpremium.org via Jeanine on Pinterest
*photos are as stamped by dcpremium.

More to come Interview with An Architect, on it’s way next week.
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